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Quality labels

National and regional quality labels and qualifications

"3 stars" classification

*** Campsite

The official classifying system based on the retribution of stars has evolved. Today's classification occurs on a voluntary basis and certified inspection organizations check the lodging facilities' quality, based on classification standards approved by decree. In order to keep the ranking, lodging facilities must be inspected every 5 years. The classifying system based on the retribution of stars officially guarantees quality of service and comfort.

On May 29 2012, we received our classification decree from the Gard's Prefecture for the « 3 stars» class.

Website of the national classification label

"Qualité Sud de France" quality labelCamping Qualité Sud de France

In 2011 the campsite obtained a new label: "Qualité Sud de France" quality label.

In 2016 this quality label has been newly validated. A “mystery guest” visited our campsite and rated it with à 91,73% quality grade!

The "Qualité Sud de France" quality label has been created by the Languedoc-Roussillon region. Campsites who join "Qualité Sud de France" comply with general quality criterions and integrate the development of specific regional elements. "Qualité Sud de France"'s quality label is supported nationally by "Qualité Tourisme" , an institution that assembles and develops innovating quality measures.


A Qualité Sud label obliges campsite owners to

  • Receive clients according to a real policy on the quality of services.
  • Improve accessibility for PRM clients.
  • Receive foreign clients in a professional way.
  • Communicate on the campsite as to facilitate your access to details and booking.
  • Become an ambassador of Languedoc-Roussillon by improving the image of the regional and local identity.
"Qualité Sud de France" quality label

"Qualité Tourisme" quality labelQualité Tourisme

Qualité Tourisme™ is a brand that federates strict quality measures committed to by tourism professionals who aim to provide quality service and get satisfied clients.

The "Qualité Tourisme™" brand was introduced by the Ministry of Tourism and is a proof of confidence for you and us.

Website of Qualité Tourisme