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Family history

Camping Cévennes-Provence, a family history...

Rachel MaraisJeannot Marais

The first campsite in this region.


Camping « Cévennes-Provence » was founded in 1959 by Rachel Marais, who passed away in 2013 at the age of 91 years. Our 2018 season will be this family business's 60e year, it has always been in the hands of the same family.

The design and creation of the campsite's layout, empty pitches and infrastructures has been the work of Rachel's son, Jean Marais and his wife Danielle who joined him in 1971. Jean, or Jeannot for all, passed away in November 2008 at the age of 65 years.


DanielleA friendly team at your service.


Danielle doesn't want to hear about retiring: She's still very active in the company and welcomes clients, tells all kinds of trivia on the Cévennes and the Campsite's history and advises people on nice tourist trips. She's present at the campsite's shop from April until the end of September and helps you to discover local products. In the winter she takes care of the upkeep of the estate and during high season she cleans the chalets.


Karine and NathalieJean and Danielle's two daughters: Karine and Nathalie. They manage the campsite together (marketing, P.R., taking bookings, administration and accounting) and welcome all new clients. It is easy to know who is who: Karine is outside as much as she can, in the winter with a rake or a pitchfork and in the summer on a golf cart to show you the campsite and the available pitches. Nathalie is the youngest and has the best work place of the family, in the winter nice and warm in the office and in the summer she receives you in the cool reception.


Claude and LionelTwo daughters… two sons-in-law : Gilles is Karine's husband, and Lionel, is Nathalie's husband. They too do their best to make your holidays a success. Their working area is technical, they are alternately masons, landscape gardeners, electricians, civil engineers, cleaners and repairers of the sanitary equipment and other infrastructures. Lionel also guides you through the campsite and helps you to choose an empty pitch and to position your caravan. Gilles helps around at the reception and advises you on interesting hiking tours and sport activities.



CélineSergeClaireFor permanent staff-members make the team complete: Céline, Claire, Claude our cousin and Serge who has worked on the campsite for 35 years.


During the 7 months we're open our cousin Josy joins us. Our children: Théo, Anna, Emile and Iris give a helping hand during school holidays!