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Caves in the Cévennes

At less than 30 minutes from "Camping Cévennes-Provence"

Trabuc's cave in Mialet

The largest underground network of caves of the Cévennes, a real must. Enter the cave and explore a perfectly well arranged cave. You'll gasp with awe throughout the entire visit.

The richness of this cave with different shades of oxidized rocks, crystals, concretions, the presence of water in almost every cavity, access to a huge hall with a lake of an incredible colour in the back, is overwhelming. Not to mention the surprising presence of an army "100.000 soldiers" represented by small, 10 cm high stalagmites.


Open from March to October - small dogs allowed in a "basket"

Website of the Grotte de Trabuc



At less than 1 hour from "Camping Cévennes-Provence"

Logo from the Grotte La Cocalière.

Cocalières's cave in Courry.

A subterranean tunnel network, curiousities, a path, a train...

A subterranean guided tour for all ages on a secured route. You'll discover a "living" cave which continues to form and transform. Besides the usual calcite concretions and stalagmites and stalactites of different shapes such as clumps and pillars, you'll admire the circular concretions called "discs" that challenge the gravity rules. The Cocalière features the most beautiful and strange discs, thin draperies (or calcite braids) with half translucent accretionary striae suspending on the vaults and eccentric budding crystals and pipe flowstones or lanky and thin macaronis.


Open from March to October - small dogs allowed in a "basket"


Website from Grotte La Cocalière.




Demoiselles' cave in Saint-Bauzille-de-Putois

To the joy of the children this visit starts with a ride in a subterranean cable-car. Followed by a guided tour through a labyrinth with different halls, such as the "Royal mantle hall", "Dining hall" and the "Music hall" coming out on a balcony hanging over the "Abyss' Cathedral". The visit continues and takes you to a panoramic terrace surrounded by a garden with 160 species of exotic and Mediterranean plants, that looks out over the Hérault High Valley.


Open all year - small dogs allowed in a "basket"

Website of Grotte des Demoiselles


Day trips

L’Incroyable Grotte de la Salamandre in Mejannes-le-Clap (30): 60 km from the campsite:

Logo de la grotte de Chauvet

The incredible Grotte de la Salamandre opened to the public for the first time in 2013. On the exterior of the cave is a beautiful nature reserve. It offers four possible visits:

  • The lookout point, a panoramic view accessible by wheelchair (first in Europe) ;
  • The guided tour, a fascinating tour of approximately one hour that goes into the heart of an enormous space adorned with spectacular crystals of titanic proportions staged with lighting and sound effects ;
  • For the fans of adrenaline, the Grand Rappel : you are equipped with a harness and a descender by nationally certified professionals; then you do an abseil of meters on which one discovers the immense cave interior from the ceiling. Sensational emotions are guaranteed!
  • The Backstage of the Cave, a playful aesthetic adventure, thought sporty.


Open from March 1st to the start of November

Tested by some of the camping staff: Karine, Manoe, Gilles and Emile! Website of Grotte de la Salamandre





Caverne du Pont d’Arc in Vallon-Pont-d’Arc (Ardèche) : 65 km from the campsite:

Logo of the Cave Pont d'Arc

Discover the first masterpiece of art in human history, just 36,000 years old. This site recreates the treasure of engravings and paintings of the decorated Cave of Pont-d’Arc, known as Grotte Chauvet, listed as UNESCO World Heritage. Thanks to a unique sensorial experience, the replica recreates the magic and the visiting conditions of the original cave. Woolly mammoths, lions, and rhinoceroses wonderfully drawn by our ancestors come out from the darkness and appear in the middle of the stalagmites and the stalactites. Then, let’s complement the visit in the Galerie de l’Aurignacien, the discovery centre, to better understand our ancestors. Shop and restaurant on the spot.


Open daily, all year.

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Bramabiau's Chasm in Camprieu

At the heart of Aigoual' Massif, in the middle of Cévennes National Park, the River of Happiness' source is in the open air. At first in contact with limestone it then rushes under the Camprieu Causses (limestone plateau) and next splashes up 800 metres further away. This surprising visit leaves you wondering about the effects of water and its slow erosional work.


Open from April to November- dogs allowed.

Website of Bramabiau's Chasm