Campsite description

River swimming, a wonderful experience...

Swimming along the river bank


A plane swim area and the Gardon canyons to your children's delight.


Cévennes Provence is one of the region's rare campsites that do not need a swimming pool. This distinctive feature is an asset, we have a natural pool! We are concerned about our natural environment and believe a swimming pool is ecologically out-of-place because of the water waste, the cleaning products, the visual and noise pollution. Polls taught us our clients share our opinion. Here you will not be annoyed by loud aqua gym music in the middle of the campsite. Wild swimming allows all people to enjoy the refreshing experience of a dip in the river, to play or lazy on its banks with room enough for everyone, no huddled crowds here! Between May and half September bathing conditions are ideal with a water temperature between 20° and 24°C In April, those who resist lower temperatures can plunge in and have fun.


Holidays on the waterside...

Camping Cévennes-Provence lies at the confluence of the Gardon of Mialet and the Gardon of Saint-Jean-du-Gard. Its banks stretch over 1,5 km. There is a private beach for the campsite's clients.

This river bathing spot is probably unique in the Gard region, why don't you come and see for yourself?


Swim along the beach...

A favoured place for small children and their parents, the shallow water in the plane swim area is a great place for water games with your child. Repose and safety are the key words to describe river swimming in the sun. Next to the river you can relax in the shadow of the trees on a nice recreation field. You can use the picnic tables.


Boating in the Gardon of Mialet

Dive into the Gorges of Gardon...

A swimming area for the more sportive and adventurous swimmers. The magnificent granite canyon rocks are wonderful for sunbathing, the river water around them is invigorating.

A quiet family campsite

Nature et vacancesMany clients call the center of the campsite the « la place du village » (the village square) because of its friendly atmosphere. People meet on the benches, enjoy an ice-cream together while watching the bowls players and the playing children on the playground.

Around this square you'll find the reception, the shop, bar & restaurant, wifi-terrace, the bowls court, musical entertainment twice a week and the playground.


Camping « Cévennes-Provence » does not have an entertainer but activities for young children and adults are offered. At 10:30 pm the bar closes and it's quiet on the campsite. There is no gate at the entrance of the campsite, families who wish to go out to enjoy the night activities in the surroundings can come home at the time they wish. Once or twice a week a band comes to play in front of the bar until 10:30 or 11:00 pm. We take care that rules & regulations are observed and that the site is really quiet at night.


We recommend that families with children between 12 and 20 years carefully read the rules & regulations..

As many people choose Camping Cévennes-Provence for its calm and quiet, we will apply the sanctions mentioned in these rules & regulations to those who do not follow these elementary rules of good behaviour. For the success of your holidays it's very important that our campsite meets your children's wishes.

Half wild nature, trees, flowers and lush green for your holidays.

A nature campsite under the Mediterranean sun in the Languedoc-Roussillon region.


Camping semi-sauvage


On a vast Cévennes estate in the Gard next to Anduze.

The estate stretches out over 30 hectares and consists of a vast plain flanked by two hills. Only 15 hectares are used for camping, we want the remaining 15 hectares to show nature in all its forms.

This hilly estate is embraced by two rivers called the Gardon de Mialet and the Gardon de Saint-Jean-du-Gard. "Gardon" is a general term shared by many rivers in the Gard. Fishing lovers will love it here!


Hiking and discovering nature

Over 4 km of private roads and paths cross our estate. Within the campsite you can take short hikes to the signal tower (10th century), the Sentier de la source (The spring track) and the Puech viewpoint.


A nature campsite

Our herb garden is open to everyone, our clients can help themselves to the herbs they need for their meal.

Our shady nature campsite counts over 120 tree and shrub species, green is our favourite colour! Some of these trees and shrubs grew spontaneously, others were planted by the former local owners and the parents of the currents owners who settled here in 1957. A list with the different species is at your disposal.


Excerpt of the list with 120 tree species:


French name Latin name French name Latin name
Downy Oak or Sessile Oak or White Oak Quercus pubescent Laurestine Viburnum tinus
Holm Oak or Holly Oak Quercus ilex Black Elder Sambucus nigra
Black Locust or False Acacia Robinia pseudoacacia Large leave Fillyrea or Mock Privet Phillyrea latifolia
Grey Alder Alnus incana Large leave Fillyrea or Mock Privet Phillyrea angustifolia
Black Alder Alnus glutinosa Honeysuckle Lonicera caprifolium
London Plane Platanus X acerifolia Dog Rose Rosa canina
Montpellier Maple Acer monspessulanum Terebinth Pistacia terebinthus
Polplar Populus Heather Calluna, Ericaceae.
Ash Fraxinus excelsior Common Broom Cytisus scoparius
Field Elm Ulmus minor Bladder Senna Colutea arborescens
White Willow Salix alba Common Walnut Juglans regia
Tree of Heaven Ailanthus altissima Common Hazel Corylus avellana
Common Spindle Euonymus europaeus Strawberry Tree Arbutus unedo
Common Hawthorn Crataegus monogyna Wild Cherry Prunus avium
Bay Laurel Laurus nobilis Service Tree Sorbus domestica


Spontaneously growing Conifers:

French name Latin name
Stone Pine Pinus pinea
Maritime Pine Pinus pinaster
Scots Pine Pinus sylvestris
Common Juniper Juniperus communis
Prickly Juniper Juniperus oxycedrus


Deciduous trees planted by former local owners:

French name Latin name
White Mulberry Morus alba
Osier Salix
Common Lilac Syringa vulgaris
Common Box Buxus sempervirens
Balearic Box Buxus balearica
Japanese Quince Chaenomeles Japonica
Spiraea Spiraea cantoniensis
Japanese Spiraea Spiraea Japonica
Sweet Chestnut Castanea sativa
Plum Tree Prunus
Olive Tree Olea Europea
Quince Cydonia oblonga
Fig Tree Ficus carica
Pear Tree Pyrus communis


The Gramineae we planted:

French name Latin name
Japanese Banana Musa basjoo
Bamboo phyllostachys aurea, Bamboo viridiglaucescens, Bamboo pseudosasa japonica,