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Camping Activities Program July-August 2016


You dream of a relaxing vacation, taking time for yourself, and reconnecting with nature…
The solution is simple:

  • An outdoor yoga class to begin the day
  • A soothing massage listening to the lazy rustle of bamboo in the wind
  • An archery session to practice your balance and precision
  • A pottery workshop to connect with a natural material and develope your creativity
  • Nordic walking hike to keep fit
  • A fresh look from our new young hairdresser Coralie

Enjoyment for all the senses!


No camping vacation can go without Théo’s pétanque contests.


And there are plenty of outdoor activities for children too! Including pony rides, pottery lessons and archery.


Descriptions and prices of activities Planning of July-August activities

For 2016:
a new sanitary building at the heart of the campsite April 2016

Among other Winter works executed for the holiday season of 2016, we have renovated the sanitary building next to the playground. The construction works are finished now and our first clients of this new holiday season appreciate the new facilities.
This building has been built in accordance with the latest applicable standards and is accessible to persons with reduced mobility. The former building had been built in 1960 and felt like part of the landscape. But even if the campsite spirit hasn’t changed much since these days, a little modernity and especially more comfort are a welcome change!


Sanitaires du Camping


This is our 4th renovated sanitary building:

  • 2008 : building next to the tennis grounds,
  • 2012 : building on the hill, magnificently situated with a incredible river view.
  • 2014 : building at the entrance of the campsite.
  • 2016 : building next to the playground with hair dressing salon, launderette, sanitary facilities.


Their architecture blends in with local building styles and facilitates easy cleaning in order to guarantee high cleanliness standards for our customers.


We remind you that Camping Cevennes Provence is equipped with 9 sanitary buildings, well spread over the campsite. Wherever you’re your empty pitch, you’ll never be far from recent and practical sanitary facilities


Depending on the sanitary building you’ll find :

  • baby bath
  • shower cabin with washbasin and WC, accessible to wheelchairs
  • Parent-Children showers
  • Launderette
  • Dog shower…


Statement of the month:March 2016

Do you believe we are idling throughout the winter, lazing on a deckchair in the sun? Then look at these pictures showing our daily toil!




Contrary to popular thinking, managing a campsite takes more than just four months a year.
In the winter too our whole team is well occupied.


TRenovation works and improvement of the amenities:

  • Bar & grill restaurant
  • Shower blocks
  • Launderette
  • Hairdressing salon


Landscaping and maintenance:

  • Tree trimming
  • Raking the 30 hectares’ estate
  • Clearing
  • Lawn mowing by the Corbès sheep


Building a new hiking path on the campsite hill


At the office too a lot of work is done:

  • Keeping up with the bookings
  • Administrational work
  • Marketing activities
  • Updating documents, website, Facebook page and Google +


Every season has its fun!


Discover all 2016 novelties in our next publications.

Yoga on the campsiteFebruary 2016




This is Céline’s 6th season of yoga lessons on the campsite.


Outside, under the trees and on the river shore, where you can feel the summer sun tickling your skin, caressed by a breeze. This is pure luxury; time seems on a hold.


The feeling of total relaxation through Yoga makes time feel endless and strengthens our connection with nature and the elements.


Each lesson begins with a moment of interiorization, stretched out or sitting, during which we become conscious of our breathing and our body. If we feel it expresses it wants to stretch, we use the asanas (positions) to let the accumulated tensions flow of, to strengthen the spine and to prolong breathing. The lesson ends lied down with a deep relaxation session, or sitting if you prefer to meditate that way.


Mats are provided.


Relaxing activities

BEST WISHES FOR 2016January 2016

Wishes 2016



Danielle - Karine & Gilles - Nathalie & Lionel – Claude, Serge and Manoë
Wish you a Happy, Wealthy and Successful 2016.